Sunday, June 28, 2009

Me and Taylor singing Barbie Girl :P

This is me and taylor being silly and singing barbie girl. :D

Monday, June 22, 2009

Birthday Pictures!

I taught Isabel how to say numbers. She eventually got the hang of it.
A shirt i got for my bday. I love it.

My new swimsuit! Its from victorias secret. My mommy got it.
Here it is again. :D Iloooooove it.
A shirt that amy and madi got for me. Thanx!
The back of my new skirt.
The front of my new skirt.
The back of my new jacket :D
The J on my new jacket :D
MY NEW JACKET! its juicy. :D
These are MYYY jeans! AHHHH there TRUE RELIGIONS!!!! They are the bestest things in the whole wide world. These were from my mommy! :DDDDDDD
The ppl putting on the skirt and lay.
The ppl at Joes made me dress like a hula girl and hula while i hulaed.
My dad took pictures.
It wuz quite embarresing.
Me and my daddy. :)
This is chrissy.
Isabel posing.
And posing again.
Daddy and isabel.
DISGUSTING! my dad at dinner.
Isabel looking like a deer in headlights haha
This is negotiation ppl. They were on the freeway when we were going to dinner cuz on the bridge there wuz a guy with a bow and arrow and knife about to jump over the bridge. You can look it up online it wuz on the news.
Negotiation ppl.
My father taking a picture of me.
Isabel taking pictures.
Isabel taking more pictures.
Isabel having me pise and taking more pictures of me.
Ummm isabel just felt like taking this picture of my back.
Isabel taking pictures again.
Isabel being a poser.
Awwwh cute picture.
Awwwh even cuter.
This is izzy layin in my bed.
Haha i surprised her with taking a picture.
Isabel wuz obsessed with taking pictures of me.

Me and Isabel :D
Me taking a pic of myself. ;)
This is my daddy. :)

This is the first ever picture taken on my camera! My dad took it of me.
This is a video of the negotiation truck driving on the wrong side of the freeway. It was soooo cool.

This is the guy on the side of the bridget that had the knife and bow and arrow. It wuz pretty intense and we got stuck in traffic for an hour!

Oh yes and I have to add that my daddy got me a new camera that i took all of these lovely pictures with. THANKS DADDY!

Anyways, thanks everyone for my bday gifts... They were all wonderful!
Hope everyone enjoyed the pictures. :D

Sunday, June 21, 2009

My Birthday!


Happy birthday self. It wuz a great day yesterday when I had my party. Taylor it wuz fun... And i really loved all of my gifts.

Pictures will be up soon! :)

Wednesday, June 10, 2009


Ok. So this is long overdue. This is for Megan.
I will miss you so much. You are the cheese to my macaroni.
Well I will miss annoying u in the loooooong car drive.
I will miss Joel.
I will miss eating cookies in your car.
I will miss telling you wild stories.
I will miss u telling me wild stories.
I will miss going to ur parents house.

I will miss you calling me a dork.
I will miss telling you y my fone is taken away... again and again.
I will miss telling you that ur hair looked wonderful 10 min. after I was staring at it.
I will miss u hitting me with ur elbow. hehe :P
I will miss sharing with you wut Ed Hardy is.
I will miss counting the layers you have one.
I will miss saying GOOD BYE MEGAN!
I will miss telling u over and over that the thing is falling down.
I will miss singing in your car.
I will miss changing the radio station.
I will miss guessing the radio station it is.
I will miss turning up the volume.
I will miss your laugh. :)
So wut im trying to say is... will u marry me?
HAHA im just kidding.
Wut im trying to say is... THNX a trillion!
I don't know wut we would have done without u!
Thnx for the great memories.
And eventho i wuz stuborn and annoying at times i still loved u :)
So thnx again! :D :D :D

Oh and I know you hate pink so i did it in a purply color just for you! :]

Saturday, June 6, 2009

Here is me at outdoor skool with all of my friend's, it's also me and Taylor at my house after babysitting. We stayed up until about 6ish in the morning and then I had to get up at about 7 to go to my sister's game. Taylor tagged along. What a good friend. :) Oh and while we were at my house we watched a scary movie. HAHAHA we were such babies. Ok i was. Thnx Taylor. It's also me at school launching rockets. Which I got an A on! :D Enjoy the pictures.

Taylor, Gedrose, and me on the bus to outdoor school.

Me and Taylor in my mirror. You can see the movie on in the background.

Oh yeah and me and Taylor at the park.

A mirror pic again. There's lots of these.

Taylor enjoying the feild of flowers. Haha love you babe :)

Me and Taylor. Gosh ur such a cutie. :D
But im not like that! (As you would say haha)


On the bus to outdoor school. We had lots of fun.

Haha this was at like 3 or 4 in the morning.

You can see the movie in the backgroud again.

HAHAH this is Delanie and Taylor at the rocket launch.

Another one of these.

And another.

AWWWWWH! This was us after an hour and a half of sleep at my lil sisters softball game.

Me and Taylor again. :D love you

HHAHA taylor its the tongue! Oh wow we need to put this on the list.

Wow I look beastly. Kinda a gross pic of me. But u look beautiful as usual.
HAHA amanda your hair look BEAUTIFUL today. haha my dad still owes u that $

Ummmm i cant really explain this one haha

Wow we look like freaks.

HAHAHAH this is the face!!!!!

HAHA you cant really c this but it says the rockin glockins. Another inside joke.
Wow this is funnier than u think.

Wow Gedrose I love you!
This picture is the greatest ever! His name tag Frodo haha to hannah's hand on him to the shades to meaghan in the backgroud. HAHA classic.

Mine and Taylor's feet! :D

Me, Biscuit, and Delanie! This was at our rocket lauch.
Wow that shirt really turns me on Evan haha

everytime i look at this picture i cry cuz i laugh so hard!
I love you delanie! <3

HAHA sorry another mirror picture.
That's Kyle's jacket :D

Awwwh so cute!
This reminds me that me u and delanie need to get a pic together for my wall :D

awwwwh :)

Well thnx again guys :D love you all!
Hope you enjoyed the post.
Remember u can always comment. :)