Tuesday, May 12, 2009


Ok, I haven't updated this thing in a while. I know kinda lame. Oh well. So this is what has been happnin in my life. On Tuesday aftershool me and Taylor walked to starbucks and met Alex and Corey there. We took like a million pictures and it was very fun. :) Heres some pictures to prove it.

Taylor on my fone. ONCE AGAIN! haha no idc if ur on it. :]

This is Gedorse and Taylor. So cute. :P

Taylor licking Corey. Silly Silly girl.

Taylor and sorta Alli. haha Eatin her fave ice cream.

Awwh such a good pic. Me and Taylors shadow. Were holding hands. :]

Me and Tay. I love you babe. :]
Oh yeah this is the pic i was talking bout. :]

Me and Corey! Nice smile. You look scared of me.

Me drinkin my drink. :]

Nice Alex. Nice. :]

HAHA this is a weird indian guy i took a picture of. Im kinda mean.

Haha me and tay making weird funny faces. :P

Me and Alex! :D nice smile.

Gedrose kinda looks drunk in this picture. haha

I think Corey looks like a monkey in this picture quite honestly.

Im prety sure he wuz just done with the pictures we were taking. :]

Tee Hee. I love you Gedrose. :]


Corey again. :D

and again. he looks really confused.

awwh so cute. :]

Good? ya it better be cuz i bought it! haha jk

Yeah ok kinda creepy im not gonna lie.

Last pic. Of corey again haha
Ok well thanks gedrose corey and tay tay. I had lots of fun. :]
Hopefully we can do it again sometime.
Taylor and Gedrose I cant wait till outdoor skool. Its gonna be so much fun.
and yes gedrose theres gonna b lots of pictures. Every second probly so deal with it ;)
tay we have to sit by each other on the bus so we can take the pics :]