Monday, June 22, 2009

Birthday Pictures!

I taught Isabel how to say numbers. She eventually got the hang of it.
A shirt i got for my bday. I love it.

My new swimsuit! Its from victorias secret. My mommy got it.
Here it is again. :D Iloooooove it.
A shirt that amy and madi got for me. Thanx!
The back of my new skirt.
The front of my new skirt.
The back of my new jacket :D
The J on my new jacket :D
MY NEW JACKET! its juicy. :D
These are MYYY jeans! AHHHH there TRUE RELIGIONS!!!! They are the bestest things in the whole wide world. These were from my mommy! :DDDDDDD
The ppl putting on the skirt and lay.
The ppl at Joes made me dress like a hula girl and hula while i hulaed.
My dad took pictures.
It wuz quite embarresing.
Me and my daddy. :)
This is chrissy.
Isabel posing.
And posing again.
Daddy and isabel.
DISGUSTING! my dad at dinner.
Isabel looking like a deer in headlights haha
This is negotiation ppl. They were on the freeway when we were going to dinner cuz on the bridge there wuz a guy with a bow and arrow and knife about to jump over the bridge. You can look it up online it wuz on the news.
Negotiation ppl.
My father taking a picture of me.
Isabel taking pictures.
Isabel taking more pictures.
Isabel having me pise and taking more pictures of me.
Ummm isabel just felt like taking this picture of my back.
Isabel taking pictures again.
Isabel being a poser.
Awwwh cute picture.
Awwwh even cuter.
This is izzy layin in my bed.
Haha i surprised her with taking a picture.
Isabel wuz obsessed with taking pictures of me.

Me and Isabel :D
Me taking a pic of myself. ;)
This is my daddy. :)

This is the first ever picture taken on my camera! My dad took it of me.
This is a video of the negotiation truck driving on the wrong side of the freeway. It was soooo cool.

This is the guy on the side of the bridget that had the knife and bow and arrow. It wuz pretty intense and we got stuck in traffic for an hour!

Oh yes and I have to add that my daddy got me a new camera that i took all of these lovely pictures with. THANKS DADDY!

Anyways, thanks everyone for my bday gifts... They were all wonderful!
Hope everyone enjoyed the pictures. :D

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