Wednesday, June 10, 2009


Ok. So this is long overdue. This is for Megan.
I will miss you so much. You are the cheese to my macaroni.
Well I will miss annoying u in the loooooong car drive.
I will miss Joel.
I will miss eating cookies in your car.
I will miss telling you wild stories.
I will miss u telling me wild stories.
I will miss going to ur parents house.

I will miss you calling me a dork.
I will miss telling you y my fone is taken away... again and again.
I will miss telling you that ur hair looked wonderful 10 min. after I was staring at it.
I will miss u hitting me with ur elbow. hehe :P
I will miss sharing with you wut Ed Hardy is.
I will miss counting the layers you have one.
I will miss saying GOOD BYE MEGAN!
I will miss telling u over and over that the thing is falling down.
I will miss singing in your car.
I will miss changing the radio station.
I will miss guessing the radio station it is.
I will miss turning up the volume.
I will miss your laugh. :)
So wut im trying to say is... will u marry me?
HAHA im just kidding.
Wut im trying to say is... THNX a trillion!
I don't know wut we would have done without u!
Thnx for the great memories.
And eventho i wuz stuborn and annoying at times i still loved u :)
So thnx again! :D :D :D

Oh and I know you hate pink so i did it in a purply color just for you! :]

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  1. You truelly are a DORK!!! But I love you and will miss you, thanks for the great blog shout out:o)